Note that we already have style guides here and here.

This Is a Text Editor Element with the text set as Heading 1 (H1).

H1 is used for the very top of a page that lacks another title. This page does already have the title “STYLE GUIDE.”

This Is a Heading Element, So It's H2

The heading element that uses H2 is used for major headings within a page, such as at the top of a major section. Some pages like the /donate page use H2 but edit it so that it looks very different, in fact a lot more like H3. Here’s a page that uses H2 in multiple places but edits some of them to look very different from others: If we make a global change to the style of a header like H2 we’ll want to know how it impacts instances of H2 that have been edited to look more like H3 or H5 or H6 or something else. Or we’ll want to go through the whole site making all headers be unmodified — or at least use unmodified headers going forward.

This is a text editor element with the text in H3

H3 can be used for the headings of major sections or the headings of columns into which a page is broken up.

Here’s a text editor element with text in H4.

Here’s a text editor element with text in H5.
Here’s a text editor element with text in H6.

Here’s text in “Paragraph” style which can be used for most content.

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