Sudan Needs Aid and Support for Nonviolent Activism

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, October 26, 2021

The timing of a military coup in Sudan is suspicious, coming just days after Jeffrey Feltman, representative of the world’s leading coup-facilitating government, that of the United States, met with military leaders in Sudan. Known U.S.-backed coup attempts in recent years already include: Guinea 2021, Mali 2021, Venezuela 2020, Mali 2020, Venezuela 2019, Bolivia 2019, Venezuela 2018, Burkina Faso 2015, Ukraine 2014, Egypt 2013, Syria 2012-present, Mali 2012, Libya 2011, Honduras 2009, and Somalia 2007-present, and on back through the years.

In the view of Black Alliance for Peace, a major part of the problem in Sudan is U.S. and NATO training of police and military to confront nonviolent uprisings. Clearly, if that is happening, it must be ended.

The U.S. government has, however, denounced the coup and cut off aid funding. But the U.S. government has already spent years cutting off aid funding, and blocking support from elsewhere through a now-lifted terrorism designation. The U.S. even coerced Sudan into recognizing Israel without requiring Israeli recognition of Palestine, but did not use its influence to move Sudan to hold democratic elections.

We must support the people who have taken to the streets in huge numbers. The people of Sudan had overthrown a brutal government and were nearing a transition to civilian rule. Now a military coup has ridiculously announced that it will take years to hold an election.

Sudan needs an arms embargo, not a food embargo. It needs a ban on military and police trainers, weaponry, and ammunition. It does not need further impoverishment. The world should be offering to send unarmed civilian protectors and negotiators. The United States should be cutting off its military support for dozens of brutal governments around the world, joining the International Criminal Court, ratifying major human rights treaties, and speaking up credibly for the use of the rule of law in Sudan and the world — not engaging in any more collective punishments in violation of the Geneva Conventions.




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