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Dialogue and Peace for Venezuela

By Heinrich Buecker, February 9, 2019


We, parliamentarians and parliamentarians of the region, academics, personalities and political leaders of the world, want to express our support for the initiative proposed by the governments of Uruguay and Mexico to install a dialogue for peace in Venezuela, and we extend the following considerations to accompany this proposal with the purpose of avoiding and denouncing a possible foreign military intervention in our continent:

We are concerned that peace, stability, cooperation and integration in our region are under strong threat as a result of harassment and external interference in Venezuelan political life. As parliamentarians and parliamentarians we do not ignore the difficulties that are experienced.

While some actors bet on war and intervention, other governments are pushing with much effort the call to dialogue and negotiation as legitimate ways of international law to resolve conflicts.

From our respective spaces and roles we accompany and adhere to the initiatives of dialogue and political negotiations that aim at peace in the region and the world, and we support the realization of the next Summit on Venezuela to be held in Montevideo. We propose accompanying and monitoring this initiative from our role as democratic representatives based on good offices and political dialogue in the search for peace.

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  1. What Moses brought down from Mount Sinai were not Ten Suggestions, they are the Ten Commandments. The U.S. war mongers are ignoring the one that stated, “Thou shalt not kill”!

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