Tokyo Inter Labor Rally Against Trump/Abe’s War On N. Korea, Privatization & Union Busting

by Labor Video Project, November 6th, 2017,

Thousands of workers and youth from Japan and around the world participated in an international rally against privatization,union busting and imperialist war in Asia. Protesters also supported San Quintin Mexico farmworkers and protested Driscolls slave labor on the border of California. The rally was held on 11/5/17, that same day that Trump was visiting Abe and supporting Abe’s drive for war and militarization. Rightwing Japanese racist nationalists and Abe supporters were on the street for Trump and his nationalist American First. Tump is pushing Japan to militarize and get rid of Article 9 in the Japanese constitution that forbids offensive war. Trump and Abe are both for further militarization and for a war to surround China as well as attacking North Korea.

Workers from Korea Seoul KCTU, CWA and ILWU attended and spoke at solidarity meetings held in Japan to unite workers on both sides of the Pacific. Also a delegate of Berlin, Germany transit workers participated and spoke about the need to build a democratic bottom up trade union movement with the rank and file in control to fight privatization and union busting. Doro-Chiba, the militant Japanese railway union and unions throughout Japan participated and marched through the streets to Tokyo.

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