U.S. Increases Nuclear Energy Spending as It Fights Global Weapons Ban

David Swanson of World Beyond War says the Trump administration is increasing nuclear energy spending while seeking to thwart a landmark global campaign for a UN treaty banning the possession and use of nuclear weapons

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  1. To ban all nuclear weapons is a very important objective and I fully support it. I wish you all the luck in the world with this.

    But why confuse the issue by adding in a ban on nuclear power? This may lessen support for the main and by far the most important cause.

    (It may be that present nuclear energy plants are too costly, too dangerous and polluting. But research into better ways to produce energy by nuclear means should certainly not be banned. For example molten thorium reactors may be much safer, and provide a way to burn up present nuclear waste -turning it into energy. Or fusion may provide a very economical and safe means for energy production etc.)

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