UN accuses Israel for supplying arms to South Sudan

By CCTV Africa

The United Nations has accused Israel of fuelling the war in South Sudan through the sale of arms to the government of the East Africa country, according to a confidential report by the humanitarian organization reports the East African.

UN Experts discussed the report in a high level Security Council meeting last week disclosing the substantial evidence that shows the arms deals between Israel and South Sudan, particularly around the outbreak of the war in December 2013.

“This evidence illustrates the well-established networks through which weapons procurement is coordinated from suppliers in eastern Europe and the Middle East and then transferred through middlemen in eastern Africa to South Sudan,” the report says.

The report further blames Israel for the Israel-made automatic rifles that the bodyguards of South Sudan’s former first Vice President Riek Machar had in DR Congo which are part of a stock to Uganda in 2007.

A Bulgarian firm was also named in the report for the sending shipment of small arms ammunition and 4000 assault rifles to Uganda in 2014 that were later transferred to South Sudan.

The South Sudan government is yet to respond to the report

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