Understanding US regime change in Syria – 2017 Panel

Published on Jun 21, 2017

What are the goals of US “regime change” in Syria? How does the U.S media narrative affect the crisis, and relate to U.S interventionism in the Middle East? What can we learn from the Western coverage of the recent chemical attacks on Syrian civilians, the role of the White Helmets, and other questionable aspects of the narrative? What are U.S/NATO/Israeli/Turkey/Saudi/Qatari motivations in Syria? This panel will discuss such questions, to shed some light on one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters since World War Two.

Panel features former CIA analyst & Counter Terrorism Specialist Philip Giraldi, Jason Hirthler, investigative journalist & author of The Sins of Empire: Unmasking American Imperialism, and NYU Media Studies professor Mark Crispin Miller. Additional remarks by INN World Report radio host, Tom Kiely. Moderated by journalist & documentary filmmaker, Priya Reddy.

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