US Law Enforcement System Moving towards Fascism: American Activist

WASHINGTON, DC (Tasnim) – An American political activist and author said the US law enforcement system is moving towards fascism as it is allowing cops to get away with African Americans’ murder.

“I am here at World Beyond War because we need to move beyond war and there are many people who are delivering their ideas about how we move to a world beyond war and the idea that I presented it is that we need to grow our local peace economies. We live inside of a war economy; it is extractive, oppressive and destructive and war serves that economy. But if we think we are going to end war without end the war economy, we are… it is not going to happen,” Jodie Evans told the Tasnim news agency on the sidelines of World Beyond War anti-war conference in Washington.

“There is also a peace economy. It is the giving, sharing, caring, relational resilient thriving economy without which no of us would be alive. It is the non-money economy that happens between us all the time i.e. what creates conditions for life. All our attention and energy are taken out by this monster of the war economy and we are not even aware of how much has been sucked in, how much has been privatized, how much, that we should just have for free that the earth gives us, people have now taken and decided to make scarce and then sell is to us,” she added.

Elsewhere in her remarks, Evans said today the situation in the US city of Charlotte, North Carolina, is happening, because “the level of poverty that we are creating” and “the level of scarcity” are squeezing people and we are “allowing the militarization of our cities”.

“We are allowing police, that are supposedly trained, to get away with murder,” Evans, who is also a co-founder of Codepink, went on to add.

US cops usually say that they shoot black people dead because the African Americans make them “nervous”, and stressed that “we are gonna make you nervous” and you cannot simply shoot us down.

Americans should “continue to fight for truth” and “stand with truth” although the US is not a land of democracy.

“We need to come together more often; we need to gather with our communities; we need to talk about the things that aren’t in the public dialogue and have those connections together” in order to be able to solve our current problems, Evans continued.

“I do not know what’s gonna happen (if US police continue the killings ) but I know what happens in these situations is they go to fascism because people get afraid; they watch what is happening” she said, adding that American people are being abused, have no rights, and in every way their dignity is being taken away from them.

Watch the video of Tasnim’s interview with Judie Evans HERE

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