US Peace Council Call to Action


July 11, 2016

Dear Peace Activists:

The news from the NATO Warsaw Summit is ominous! We must act!

The Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Chief Salesman for the US Military-Industrial Complex President Barack Obama went to Warsaw. On top of the 14,000 US troops who participated in maneuvers practically on the borders of Russia, he promised 1,000 more US troops for Poland. In a recent radio interview the US Chief of Staff said there was a company of US soldiers in EVERY NATO Country bordering Russia. Now US/NATO will organize FOUR more battalions in the countries bordering Russia, one of which will be totally US troops, our sons and daughters. The US Military will be in charge. The US has installed intercontinental ballistic missiles in Poland and Romania aimed at Russia.

Two nuclear powers facing each other, one on the very borders of Russia. As we have warned over the many years, such a situation can lead to a nuclear catastrophe, even by accident.

We will be commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki days, August 6 and August 9. These days must be days of action warning the American people of the dangers of US/NATO aggression. The entire world is frightened by US policies.

No to NATO; No to War!           Yes to Peace; No to NATO!         No More War Games!

Abolish NATO, Don’t Expand It!     Money for Jobs, Not for NATO!    No to A New Cold War!

End NATO Provocations Against Russia!         NATO Provocations Threaten Nuclear War!


Yours in peace,

Alfred L. Marder President Member of the World Peace Council


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