US Wars of Aggression & Islamic Jihad: What is the Bigger Danger

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  1. Thank you for a very interesting lecture , however background noise is very disturbing .
    I wish to listen an important topic with better quality of sound .

  2. With doors frequently creaking and slamming, along with movement of chairs and the sound of water(?) running, it seems the “audience” is less than courteous to the speaker. Rude would be the more pertinent word. With such noise it is hard to listen to the important presentation.

  3. The potential impact of the presentation is lost to viewers and listeners because of the inconsiderate aholes opening and closing the damn door,getting up,dragging chairs across the floor during the presentation. No courtesy for others, no discipline, that’s is one of the reasons potential viewers don’t take you seriously. The only thing i got out of what started out like a potentially great presentation was how to interrupt or sabotage important works. Simple fix,lock the doors please after the presentation starts,professionally conducted seminars with good information are more successful than the meeting at the local hardware store.

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