VIDEO: 1+1 Ep 139 Youri speaks to Greta Zarro on World BEYOND War Event in July 2022 & the Need to End War

By 1+1 hosted by Yuri Muckraker aka Youri Smouter, June 13, 2022

I had the great honor to interview Greta Zarro the Organizing Director of World Beyond War, (a superb peace organization whose member David Swanson has been on the program three times) about the big event World Beyond War is having July 8th to 10th online due to the ongoing pandemic titled NoWar2022: Resistance & Regeneration, a virtual global conference.… . From promoting this event, we got to have a good wide ranging conversation on how if your a feminist, environmentalist, want equality for the Queer community, a socialist of both movements, and want an end to policing and police brutality you need to be anti-militarism and join the peace movement. Greta also responds to questions regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how even if one doesn’t support the action, did Russia exhaust its diplomatic means and was left with no other choice? and she makes the case why this war and NATO expansion isn’t the good war marketed to us and the backlash Russia is facing in the region for its actions which we agree was provoked by Western action. all this and more on this edition of 1+1 with Greta Zarro the organizaing director of World Beyond War. Do check out the event, pay if you can, it’ll be money and time well spent. and for more on the topics we discussed please visit the following links, and how to register for the event, please visit the following links where you can get in touch with Greta. 1.… and… &… and… 2. if you want to join WBW, open up your own branch wherever you are based, keep up to date with online and in person events, online courses, and campaigns and buy great clothing and want to work with people like Greta, David Swanson and Rachel Small, here is the website and youtube channel and… 3. and in New York and want to find out all you can with World Beyond War or participate at Unadilla Community Farm, a non-profit organic farm and permaculture education center in Upstate New York where Greta works and is based. She can can be reached at 4. and if you live in Toronto-Danforth in Canada, provincial elections are happening and please vote for my friend Jennifer Moxon of the Communist Party of Canada, don’t abstain from voting, don’t do tactical voting and throw your vote to the Liberals, and not impressed with the NDP or Greens, well vote for Jennifer and members of her party if they are in your riding and especially Toronto-Danforth… and… 5. and lastly my twice past guest Fiona Sim they and their family was the victim of Sinophobic attack, a hate crime, an arson that destroyed their family home and guest home they’d use for people visiting Bristol and London. Please sign the petition demanding justice, donate to her Go Fund Me to help her family not become homeless and repair their home, and share widely all links – .… &… &… 6. Yurii the Ukrainian peacemonger Greta mentioned whose been on Democracy Now and Breakthrough News and Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and will be at the event July 8th-10th here is a link featuring him and where people can get in touch… & David Swanson interviewing him… & him in conversation with Frida Berrigan –… & to get in touch with him and his organization – & &…

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