VIDEO: CrossTalk | Russia-NATO Impasse

By Crosstalk, January 14, 2022

Over the past two and half years Russia and NATO have agreed on very little, if anything. However, both agreed to meet for a high-level meeting and they did in Brussels. Both sides made their case. Nothing was really resolved. Lots of words. What happens next may be actions. CrossTalking with Brad Blankenship, Scott Ritter, and David Swanson.


One Response

  1. For Heaven’s sake, it all boils down to American meddling as usual. If the US hadn’t fostered and financed a violent coup in Ukraine in 2014, there would be no problem today. That is the sum total of the present situation. Add to that as a reminder, the US agreed with Gorbacev not to move NATO one mile to the East and promptly broke its agreement. It is a rogue nation of liars and cheats, never to be trusted by the international community!

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