VIDEO: Phill Gittins with the National Chamber of Commerce of Bolivia (in Spanish)

By National Chamber of Commerce of Bolivia, February 18, 2022

Phill Gittins is Education Director of World BEYOND War.

He discusses:

– What is a culture of peace

– Connections between peace and development

– How can we work for peace?

– Connections between peace and the private sector

– how can the chamber of commerce influence its partners to work for a culture of peace


I.Que es cultura de paz

II.Conexiones: Paz/Desarrollo?

III.Paz: Mundo y Bolivia

IV.¿Cómo trabajar para paz?

V.Conexiones entre Paz & el Sector Privado?

VI.¿Cómo la Cámara puede influenciar a sus asociados para tener Cultura de Paz?



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