Videos: Okinawa Memorial Day 2021

by Peter Kuznick, Stand With Okinawa NY, July 11, 2021

On June 23, there was an Okinawa Memorial Day online Zoom event. Here you can watch all the collected videos with English/Japanese subtitles entirely on the YOUTUBE channel, “Stand With Okinawa NY” one by one.

Part 1:Peter Kuznick: the Battle of Okinawa (4:06)

ピーター・カズニック:沖縄戦 (日本語字幕付)

Part 2:Peter Kuznick: Okinawa Memorial Day. (3:45)

ピーター・カズニック:慰霊の日 (日本語字幕付)

Part 3:Peter Kuznick: U.S. never leaves Okinawa (7:35)

ピーター・カズニック:沖縄に居座り続ける米国 (日本語字幕付)

Part 4:Peter Kuznick: The Japanese government does the dirty work for the U.S.  (2:21)

ピーター・カズニック:米国のお先棒をかつぐ日本政府 (日本語字幕付)

Part 5:Peter Kuznick: Nuclear War with China? (5:25)


Part 6:Peter Kuznick: Working together with China. (3:05)

ピーター・カズニック:中国との共存 (日本語字幕付)

Part 7: Peter Kuznick: What can we do?. (2:12)


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