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By World BEYOND War, July 26, 2021

Sign our petition to the 26th UN Climate summit planned for Glasgow in November. We encourage groups and individuals to organize events to advance this message on or about the International Day of Peace during Climate Week, September 21, 2021, as well as on or about the big day of action in Glasgow on November 4, 2021. Resources and ideas for events are here.

Peace Education and Action for Impact is a new programme launched by World BEYOND War in collaboration with Rotary Action Group for Peace. Learn more and apply to participate here. Donate to help students take part here.

Sign Up for a Book Club in Time to Be Mailed a Signed Copy and Start Reading it!
September: Kathy Kelly and Bending the Arc.
October: David Vine and The United States of War.
November: Stephen Vittoria and Murder Incorporated.

The government of Indonesia is planning to build a military base (KODIM 1810) in the rural area of Tambrauw West Papua without consultation or permission from the Indigenous landowners who call this land their home. We’re planning to prevent it. You can help.

Set up a monthly recurring donation for any amount, and a generous donor will chip in $250 to World BEYOND War.

Online Photo Action to End the Korean War: Take a selfie holding a sign for Korea Peace from here or make your own creative sign. Post on social media with this caption: 70 years is enough. Let’s End the Korean War!

Upcoming events list.


Walking a Path to a World BEYOND War — July 27.

Hope for the Earth: Canada, Sign the Ban Treaty — August 6.

Recent videos:

Hidden in Plain Sight

Pipe Dream or Possibility?

Peace Education Priority

Beyond UN Disarmament

All past webinar videos.

Anniela “Anni” Carracedo has joined the World BEYOND War Board.

Sign up for email updates from the World BEYOND War Youth Network here.

Nominations for the first-ever war abolisher of the year end on July 31.

News from Around the World:

Canada Enlists in the U.S. Empire

“We Need Your Help to Stop the Militarism in Our Homeland”

A Community of 40 Youths Trained as Peace Influencers in Cameroon

Witnessing a Paramilitary Operation in Downtown Toronto

No New Fighter Jets for Canada

New Yorkers Rally for Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale

War Powers Reform Bill Far Better Than Feared

Watch Russia TV Try to Convince Me of the Need for U.S. Military Spending

Congress-Pentagon Flap Over Critical Race Theory: A Job for Critical War Theory

‘Honk for Humane Jobs’: NC Activists Challenge Subsidies for Weapons Maker

Faith and Peace Groups Tell Senate Committee: Abolish the Draft, Once and for *All*

Talk World Radio: Ray McGovern: Put Russiagate Out of its Misery

The Power of Loving Your Enemy

New Treaty Needed to Prevent an Arms Race in Outer Space (PAROS)

Burlington, Vermont Divests from Weapons Manufacturers!

U.S. Imperialism Is the Greatest Danger to World Peace

48 Groups to U.S. Congress: Not A Single Dollar More to the Pentagon

Reckoning and Reparations in Afghanistan

Reflections on the War in Afghanistan: Was the Bloodshed Worth it?

“Please Take Me Up on My Offer to Match Your Recurring Donation!”

Talk World Radio: Brian Concannon: Haiti Has Had All the U.S. Help It Can Stand

How Not to Prevent U.S. Military Suicides

A Response to: “A Global US Can’t Avoid Confronting China and Russia”

America’s Afghan War Is (Partially) Over, So What About Iraq – and Iran?

Indigenous Peoples Decry Militarism in the Pacific – United Nations Human Rights Council 47

Overcoming Decades of Division between India & Pakistan: Building Peace Across the Radcliffe Line

Videos: Okinawa Memorial Day 2021

World BEYOND War is a global network of volunteers, chapters, and affiliated organizations advocating for the abolition of the institution of war.
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  1. Hello,
    I wish to offer professional interpretation services for these events. Please find the text of my resume below:


    I do simultaneous, consecutive and liaison escort interpretation. My responsibility includes reading extensively on the subjects I am specialized in, being punctual, discrete and having initiative to ensure my clients are comfortable expressing themselves in all situations.
    Below is a list of assignments:

    2019 UNFCCC – COP 25, Madrid
    Chief Interpreter NDC Partnership Pavilion- In charge of the French, English and Spanish booths. Interpreting, hiring other
    interpreters & quality control for 26 events.
    2018 COP 24 – Katowice, Poland,
    2015 COP 21 – Paris, France
    2009 COP 16 – Copenhagen, Denmark
    UN CSW
    2013 to Present AU,FEMNET, IIWF, WFM, CARE, SEIU, UN WOMEN, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNFDP, UNDP and Permanent Missions to the UN
    2011 to Present – NGOs, GCG, UNPFII, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, The World Bank.
    UNOSSC 2018 Global South-South Development Expo 2018, 3 day conference UNHQ
    CICC Coalition for the International Criminal Court
    2017 to 2019 – Trust Fund for Victims, Working group on the Security Council
    ICC International Criminal Court
    2014 to 2018 – Assembly of State Parties Meetings
    CICIG International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala
    2014-2016 – Briefing on CICIG activities by the Commissioner
    AU African Union
    2012 to Present
    – Meetings of the African Group, Retreats, Peace & Security Council, Heads of State Level Meetings during the GA.
    IIWF International Indigenous Women Forum
    2015 to Present – Indigenous Women’s Global Leadership School, Columbia University, Staff meetings.
    IPI International Peace Institute
    2016 to Present
    2016 – French Minister of Justice, Ms. Christiane Taubira, NYU School of Law
    PEN American Center – World Voices Festival
    –Writers Noelle Revaz & Amélie Nothomb,

    – Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Mr. Jean Yves Le Drian
    – President of the Basque Autonomous Region, Mr. Iñigo Urkullu,
    – “Rendez Vous with French Cinema” Film festival, Lincoln Center, Directors & Actors at Openings and Q &A
    – DIPAZ executives’ meetings with UNSC diplomats.
    2015 – President of Ecuador, Mr. Rafael Correa, meetings with investors & five other Heads of State
    – Mr. Jean Nouvel, Architect (MoMa events, press conference, etc.)
    2013 – President of Bolivia, Mr. Evo Morales, meetings with High-level officials including UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon
    2010-2013 – First Lady of Gabon Mrs. Sylvie Bongo Ondimba, UN General Assembly week
    2012 – President of Finland Mr. Martii Ahtisaari, Nobel Peace Prize 2008 Meetings with Francophone diplomats.
    2011- 2014
    – Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize 2018, Founder of Panzi Hospital. Meetings with UN agencies, NGOs, donors, & the media.
    2009 – President of Congo-Brazaville, Mr. Sassou Nguesso (New York, Washington D.C. and during COP 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark).

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