WBW News & Action: Abolition of War or of Humanity

How can we become more effective advocates and activists for ending particular wars, ending all wars, pursuing disarmament, and creating systems that maintain peace? These questions and more will be explored in War Abolition 101: How We Create a Peaceful World.

Join World BEYOND War for our 2nd annual virtual film festival! This year’s festival explores the intersection of militarism & water, survival & resistance, in the lead-up to World Water Day on March 22. Register!

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March 7: Ukraine

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News from Around the World:

40 Things We Can Do and Know for People in Ukraine and the World

The EU is Wrong to Arm Ukraine. Here’s Why

Finland and Sweden Should Remain Outside NATO and Pursue a Policy of Peace

WBW Cameroon Advances Inclusion of Women and Youth in Peace Process

How the West Paved the Way for Russia’s Nuclear Threats Over Ukraine

SOARING: The Harms and Risks of Fighter Jets and Why Canada Must Not Buy a New Fleet

“Let Them Kill as Many as Possible” – United States Policy Toward Russia and its Neighbors

Ukrainians Are Nonviolently Resisting War

Yurii Sheliazhenko on Democracy Now from Kyiv

Talk World Radio: Alfred de Zayas on Ukraine and the Rule of Law

A Working Class Internationalism Is the Only Path to Survival

RAND Corporation Urged Creation of the Horrors You’re Seeing in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Secret Weapon May Prove to be Civilian Resistance

How the U.S. Started a Cold War with Russia and Left Ukraine to Fight It

The Dangerous Assumption that Violence Keeps Us Safe

Ukraine Doesn’t Need to Match Russia’s Military Might to Defend Against Invasion

Putin and Zelenskyy, Talk to Each Other!

Solidarity Between U.S. and Russian Peace Activists

123 Organizations Write to the Pekka Haavisto, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Finland

Ukraine and the Myth of War

Open Letter on Ukraine from WBW Ireland 

Russians Speak Up Against War

A Path Away From War | The Science Of Peace Systems

Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Neo-Nazi Publicity Stunt in Ukraine

Talk World Radio: Stephen Zunes on the Occupation of Western Sahara

Private Military and Security Companies Undermine Peacebuilding Efforts

War in Europe and the Rise of Raw Propaganda

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