WBW News & Action: Block the Entrance to Every Weapons Fair

By World BEYOND War, June 13, 2022

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The global antiwar pro-peace event of the year is fast approaching: World BEYOND War’s online Annual Conference: NoWar2022!

In new video, WBW Board Member Yurii Sheliazhenko in Ukraine explains why he’s facilitating one week of our new online course debunking myths about World War II. Learn more, watch the video, register for the course.

Hundreds Protest, Block Entrance to North America’s Largest Weapons Fair.

Photos and media coverage of the protest here.

In July 2022, World BEYOND War will be holding a weekly discussion each of four weeks of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare with the author Gareth Porter as part of a small group WBW book club limited to a group of 18 participants. Gareth will send each participant a signed paperback. Learn more and sign up.

Educating in Bolivia: In recent days, WBW Education Director Phill Gittins has done a two-day training in Potosi on the theory and practice of a culture of peace, peacebuilding, and conflict transformation, as well as, in La Paz, co-created and facilitated a three-module course for 60+ trainee teachers, covering a range of issues related to peacebuilding, such as emotional intelligence.

Upcoming events list.

Upcoming Webinars:

June 22: Where Canadian Pensions Are Invested

June 25-26: 24-hour rolling rally livestream around the globe.

September 21: Online Debate: Can War Ever Be Justified?

Recent Webinars:

Conscientious Objection in Ukraine and Russia

Arms Fairs Uncovered

Canadian Arms Exports

Engaging Youth

All past webinar videos.

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Chrystel Manilag, a student intern from the Philippines: “Growing up in a country where the terms ‘activism’ and ‘activist’ have negative connotations, interning at World BEYOND War became the beginning of my journey with anti-war activism.” Read Chrystel’s story.

News from Around the World:

Obituary: Bruce Kent

We Need a Culture of Nonviolence

Two Worlds Collided, Did Anything Change? / Deux mondes se heurtent… quelque chose a changé?

The Eight Stupidest Things About Nuclear Weapons

Reimagining Peace as a Rejection of a Militarized Status Quo

Nein zu 100 Milliarden Euro für die Bundeswehr!

World BEYOND War Joins U.S. National Call in Support of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Talk World Radio: Norman Solomon on Defusing Nuclear War

U.S. Military Spending Is Undebatable Because Indefensible

The Pentagon Is Protecting and Funding the Same Gun Makers Democrats Want to Regulate

DHS ‘Concerned’ Over Nazis Returning to US After Fighting in Ukraine. Why Isn’t the Media?

To Get Into Canada’s Weapons Fair, You’ll Have to Walk Through an Anti-war Protest

Sultana Khaya & U.S. Guests Leave Western Sahara: Thousands Give Hero’s Welcome in Canary Islands

Yemeni Man Maimed in U.S. Drone Strike Raises Funds Online for His Surgery as Pentagon Refuses Help

Save Sinjajevina Meets With the Montenegrin Ministry of “Defense” in Podgorica

VIDEO: 1+1 Ep 138 Yuri speaks to David Swanson on if Wars are ever Justifiable & Upcoming WBW Event in July

Podcast Episode 36: From Diplomat to Activist in Australia

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