WBW News & Action: How Can We Take War to a Child?

By World BEYOND War, October 17, 2022

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Divestment from weapons campaigns are advancing in various localities, and we can help you to do the same where you are. If you’re in Canada, you can attend a public meeting this week to tell Canada to divest from weapons.

Eight spots left and starting soon: World BEYOND War will be holding a weekly discussion each of four weeks of The Crown of Light with the author Rivera Sun as part of a small group WBW book club. Rivera will send each participant a signed paperback or kindle. Learn more.

Governments are hearing our demand! We protested outside the COP26 meetings. At COP27 there are three official events planned on the topic of militarism and climate within the conference. That’s a result of your efforts! Now is a time to further build the demand for action.

WBW is holding an auction (more details coming soon)! We have been lucky to receive some very special donated items to include in an auction to help support our work but we need a few more to get it launched. Do you have something you could offer for us to include? Think artwork, gift cards (food related, services like spa treatments, online stores, etc), vacation home rentals, new electronics, etc. If you have ideas for a higher ticket priced item you would consider contributing to help raise money for WBW, please be in touch with Development Director, Alex McAdams, at alex@worldbeyondwar.org

On October 15th to 23rd, join us in 9 Canadian cities in demanding NO new fighter jets, warships, or drones as part of the #FundPeaceNotWar week of action across Canada! This call to action was initiated by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) in the U.S. and has been taken up by the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network, a coalition of 45 peace groups across Canada.

New Music Video: How Can We Take War to a Child?

World’s Largest Outdoor Advertising Company Censors Peace.

New Peace Billboard Goes Up in California.

Hawke’s Bay Peace Pole Project.

We recently had a training for WBW chapters, and will soon have a public webinar on nonviolent action in Ukraine with John Reuwer and Yurii Sheliazhenko. Here’s a list of successful uses of nonviolence in place of war.

This week, WBW Education Director Phill Gittins was in Bolivia at La Salle University to lecture on ‘Ethics and Peace’ with soon-to-be lawyers; at Catholic University to discuss possibilities of instilling a culture of peace within the university and its staff and students; and at Sportlex to discuss the intersection between sports and peace. Sportlex works closely with sports organisations and teams across Bolivia, including the Football Federation.

All past webinar videos.

Upcoming events list.

News from Around the World:

Ten Worst National Anthems

How the Warmongering Camp Make the World Literally Bankrupt

Protests in 40+ U.S. Cities Demand Deescalation as Poll Shows Surging Fear of Nuclear War

Italy’s 100 Nuclear Weapons: Nuclear Proliferation and European Hypocrisy

A Tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev and His Legacy for Peace

NATO Practices Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in Belgium

Death by Nationalism?

Medea Benjamin & Nicolas Davies: Negotiations “Still the Only Way Forward” to End Ukraine War

All Quiet on the Western Front review – Anti-War Nightmare of Bloodshed and Chaos

A History of Nuclear War with Peter Kuznick

Don’t Just Worry About Nuclear War — Do Something to Help Prevent It

Biden’s Broken Promise to Avoid War with Russia May Kill Us All

Australian Peace Movement Says NO to Sending ADF to Ukraine

Surviving the Killing Fields, a Worldwide Challenge

Talk World Radio: Graylan Hagler on Palestine and the United States

19 Members of Congress Now Support Nuclear Abolition

What Happens if the Climate and Ecological Crisis is Framed as a National Threat?

There is an Alternative to War

Global Network Webinar: Dangers of WW3 & Space War

The Pathway to a Negotiated Peace in Ukraine with Jeffrey Sachs

Opposing War Together With Libertarians

2022: Nobel Committee Gets Peace Prize Wrong Yet Again

25 Years ago, I Warned Expanding NATO Ranked with the Errors that Led to WWI and II

What’s Worse Than Risking Nuclear Apocalypse?

Costs of War Awarded 2022 US Peace Prize

Appeal to the Washington Post

Peace Groups to Protest at Government Arms Fair at Aviva Stadium

Banned: MWM Too ‘Aggressive’ for the Merchants of Death But We Won’t Shut Up

Talk World Radio: Nancy Mancias and Cindy Piester on Upcoming COP27

Chris Hedges Is Right: The Greatest Evil Is War

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