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Countdown to #NoWar2020, May 26-31, Ottawa, Canada

#NoWar2020, World BEYOND War’s 5th global convergence, is coming up on May 29-30 in Ottawa. #NoWar2020 is unlike any conference we’ve organized before.
#1: We’re timing the conference to coincide with CANSEC, Canada’s biggest weapons expo, to bring international attention to Canada’s complicity in the global arms trade.
#2: The May 29-30 conference is part of a week-long series of events, starting May 26, including nonviolence action training, art-making workshops, film screenings, and of course, the protests at CANSEC, the weapons expo.
#3: #NoWar2020 is the product of a truly global effort. We’re working hand-in-hand with dozens of allies, including 350.org, the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, and Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, to pull together this week of education and nonviolent action.
Join us at #NoWar2020!

Billboards Become Focus of Local Action

The billboard above has gone up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and become a focus of local events. This photo by Susan Ruggles shows Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Milwaukee County Supervisor Steven Shea, and peace activists from Milwaukee’s End the Wars Coalition. (Video here.) The billboard will be back up in July during, and just aound the corner from, the Democratic National Convention. We also hope to put large messages on the sides of 30 buses in Ottawa, Canada, this spring during the enormous weapons show that we’ll be countering with our #NoWar2020 conference and week of actions. We can only do this with your help. Donate to our billboards campaign and be sure to mention in the comment box where you’d most like to see billboards.

How to Do Nonviolent Action

George Lakey has written a terrific new guide to nonviolent activism. Read David Swanson’s review and request for your ideas here. Get a free copy of this or your choice of numerous other premiums when you become a sustaining contributor to World BEYOND War here.

The Pentagon: Exposing The Hidden Polluter of Water
Pat Elder’s live-streamed 20-city California tour will draw attention to the public health crisis caused by the military’s contamination of the environment. Learn more.

A Global Security System: An Alternative to War
A condensed, 15-page summary version of this book, central to World BEYOND War’s work, is available for FREE download in several languages. (We’ve just added Polish and Dutch.)  Find your language here.

Volunteer Spotlight:
Liz Remmerswaal

This week’s volunteer spotlight features Liz Remmerswaal, WBW’s New Zealand chapter coordinator. Liz says “as a mother and a citizen it’s my duty to leave this world a better place.” Read Liz’s story.

Photo by Pedram Pirnia.

Read Our New Annual Report on What We Did Last Year

Is War Necessary?

Read remarks by World BEYOND War Board Member John Reuwer in Colchester, Vermont, on February 20, 2020, here.

World BEYOND War Education Director Phill Gittins spoke on February 12th at the University of Cambridge and on February 14th to Quakers in London. To invite Phill to lead a peace education/activism project, contact World BEYOND War.

David Swanson will be speaking in . . .
, US, Feb 28
Dallas, US, Apr 7
Firenze, Italia, April 25
Ottawa, Canada, May 26-31
Fonda, NY, US, Aug 21-22

News from Around the World

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War Is an Enormous Threat to the Climate Movement

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