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War and the Environment: July 6 to August 16, 2020:

This course starts soon and is rapidly filling up. Instructors will include:
• World BEYOND War Co-Founder and Executive Director: David Swanson
• Cutting-edge political activist and writer: Brent Patterson with Peace Brigades International.
• Prominent environmental engineer and Professor of Environmental Health (retired): Patricia Hynes, Director of Traprock Center for Peace and Justice
• Expert disarmament professional: Ray Acheson with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
• Noted activist, writer, and therapist: Caroline Davies with Extinction Rebellion.
• Distinguished researcher-practitioner: Lindsay Koshgarian with the National Priorities Project.
Education Director: Phill Gittins and other World BEYOND War staff, board members, and partners will be online throughout the six weeks helping to facilitate too. These include: Tamara Lorincz, Barry Sweeney, and Kathy Kelly.

Learn more and register.

Membership Survey: We need your advice. Which of our projects do you find valuable? What should we be doing? How good are our arguments for ending war? How can we grow? What should be in a World BEYOND War mobile app? What should be on our website? We’ve created an online survey to allow you to very quickly answer our questions and guide us in a good direction. This is not a gimmick or a fundraiser. We plan to study the results very carefully and act on them. Please take a couple of minutes or more and give us your best input. Thanks for all you do!

Global Skills Sharing: Are you an artist, musician, chef, or world-renowned bridge player — or just someone who likes to paint, strum a guitar, cook family recipes, or play cards — and willing to donate your time? World BEYOND War is holding a Global Skills Exchange and is looking for your skills to help amplify our work and bring an end to war. We’re not asking you to donate money. We’re asking you to donate your time with a skill lesson, performance, coaching session, or other online service via video. Then someone else will donate to World BEYOND War in order to enjoy what you’re offering. Learn more here.

World BEYOND War Podcast Episode 15: Miles Megaciph, Hiphop Artist and Peace Activist: Listen here.

Hibakusha Remembrance Webinar: On Thursday August 6th at noon Pacific Daylight Time: attend, and invite your friends to attend, an online presentation by Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford, Dr. Jonathan Down, and youth activist Magritte Gordaneer. In the hour-long session, with time for Q&A, these experts will address the bombings, the public health impact of nuclear war, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the state of international law and other matters to help us all make meaningful the vow: “Never Again.” RSVP.

U.S. Must Move the Money: Finally Congress is taking steps to shift resources from militarism to human and environmental needs. If you’re from the U.S. email Congress here.

Canada Must End Sanctions Now! We’re working with our allies to promote a Parliamentary petition to urge the government of Canada to lift all of Canada’s economic sanctions now! If the petition gets 500 signatures by August 30, MP Scott Duvall will introduce the petition in the House of Commons and the Canadian government will be obliged to comment on it. Canadians, please sign and share the parliamentary petition.

Billboarding Governments: The billboard above will be up for the month of August a block away from the Democratic Party National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisc., U.S. Help us decide where to put up more billboards, and help us pay for them!

Volunteer Spotlight:
Bill Geimer

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Bill Geimer, who resigned from the U.S. military and is now a chapter coordinator with WBW in Victoria, Canada. Read Bill’s story.

Find upcoming events on the events list and map here. Most of them are now online events that can be participated in from anywhere on earth.

Mobile Messaging Opt-In: Opt in to mobile messages from World BEYOND War to receive timely updates about important anti-war events, petitions, news, and action alerts from our global grassroots network! Opt in.

We’re Hiring: World BEYOND War is looking for a Canada Organizer. Details here.

Poetry Corner:

Here’s a local campaign to ban militarized policing. Contact us for help doing the same where you live.

Recent Webinars:

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