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World BEYOND War is Growing! In the past month, we’re excited to announce that 4 new WBW chapters have launched: India, Afghanistan, Bioregión Aconcagua (Chile), and Montréal! Chapters carry out WBW’s mission of war abolition in their communities, through organizing events and campaigns to advance peace & justice. This week, Montréal for a World BEYOND War gathered for their first action on Remembrance/Armistice Day. Read about their efforts to promote peace and to challenge the glamorization of war.

Divest Chicago from the War Machine Campaign: This week, World BEYOND War, along with allies at CODEPINK, met with the Offices of Alderwomen King, Rodriguez-Sanchez, and Hadden to ask for their support in our campaign to divest the City of Chicago from weapons manufacturers and military contractors. The campaign, which has been endorsed by the Chicago Anti-War Coalition and Chicago Area Peace Action among other groups, is building momentum towards introducing a city council resolution to direct the City’s pension funds to divest. We have already received verbal support from half a dozen aldermen (city council members) for this initiative. Stay tuned for details!

#AllOutForWedzinkwa: In new video, Rachel Small, Canada Organizer for World BEYOND War, describes what she and many others have been doing to try to stop a pipeline. Watch.

Our petition to COP26 and activities in Glasgow and around the world have brought a great deal of attention to the need to stop excluding military pollution from climate agreements.

New Online Course launching in January on War and the Environment. Learn more and reserve your spot.

News from Around the World:

All Your Bases Are Belong To Us w/ Leah Bolger, Patterson Deppen, and David Vine

Peace education for Citizenship in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

World Peace Congress Held in Barcelona

The Persistence of Pinkerism

Raging Grannies Say It’s Time to Confront Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan for His Failure to Uphold Irish Neutrality

Video: Militaries As Global Health Threat

Save Sinjajevina Urges The Montenegrin Government To Negotiate About The Cancellation Of The Military Training Ground

A World at War: The Sustainable Development Goals, Ireland, and the War Pandemic

Guam: Resisting Empire at the “Tip of the Spear”

It’s the Weapons Sales, Stupid

Govt Urged To Revoke Rheinmetall Denel Munition’s Operating Licence

AUDIO: The Climate Crisis Presents a Stark Choice Between Capitalism and Survival

Video: Building Peace, Security and Justice through the Rule of Law and Global Governance

The Unspoken Argument for More Nuclear Power

COPOUT 26 Left Out the Topics and People It Needed

COP26 and the Carbon Pollution from Canada’s New Fighter Jets

Alla COP26 Chiediamo di Considerare l’Impatto del Militarismo sul Clima

War Helps Fuel the Climate Crisis as U.S. Military Carbon Emissions Exceed 140+ Nations

AUDIO: Mel Figueroa, Marjorie Cohn, David Swanson

Anti-War Rally Calls on COP26 to Consider the Impact of Militarism on the Climate

The View from Glasgow: Pickets, Protests and People Power

War Causes Climate Change

COP 26: Can a Singing, Dancing Rebellion Save the World?

At Glasgow, Military Emissions Are Exempt

Beyond War & Militarism, WBW affiliate in Syracuse, NY, U.S., Plans Armistice Day Event

A Real Day for Veterans

Veterans for Peace We Need to RECLAIM ARMISTICE DAY

Save Tom Friedman’s Mind: Restore Armistice Day

World BEYOND War is a global network of volunteers, chapters, and affiliated organizations advocating for the abolition of the institution of war.
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