WBW News & Action: What the Russian Foreign Minister Said About Us


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov this week did not threaten war or scream that he was coming to eat your children. This may come as a shock to some media consumers, but what he did was hold out hope that despite the name-calling and insults from U.S. President Joe Biden, there were people in the United States willing and able to make peace. “As far as I know,” he said, “the other day 27 political organisations in the United States publicly urged the Biden administration to change the rhetoric and the essence of the U.S. approach to relations with Russia.” This was a reference to a statement signed by World BEYOND War and promoted by World BEYOND War in Russian media.

Biden Finally Lifts Sanctions Against ICC As Demanded by World BEYOND War: After months of demand from World BEYOND War and others, the Biden administration has finally lifted Trump-imposed sanctions on the ICC, stating a preference for a subtler approach to imposing lawlessness in the name of upholding the rule of law. Read more. Now sign the petition to Biden to end sanctions on Iran!

Announcing Online Book Clubs with Authors and Signed Books: Join an online book club with one of the most powerful antiwar authors around. See all the choices here.

Buy Beautiful Art By Our Board President Leah Bolger: Click here.

World BEYOND War’s #NoWar2021 conference is going virtual! Save the date for June 4-6, 2021. #NoWar2021 is a unique event that brings together a global grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations around the topic of stopping the global arms trade and ending all war. Get your tickets!

Cities Pass Resolutions in Support of Treaty Banning Nukes — Yours Can Too: Here’s what one city recently did with help from WBW. And, just as we were sending this out, here’s what a WBW chapter just did in another city. Here’s a guide to passing various local resolutions.

WBW Activists Block Rail Route for General Dynamics Armoured Vehicles Bound for Saudi Arabia, Demand Canada Stop Fueling War in Yemen: Read our report, one from London Free Press, and one from CTV News. Contact WBW for help blocking weapons shipments near you!

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