WBW News: Ending War on Yemen and Everywhere

U.S. Congress Finally Votes to End One of Its Wars

Following major public pressure by World BEYOND War and many other organizations, both houses of the U.S. Congress have finally voted together to end U.S. participation in a war, the war on Yemen. This is the first such use of the War Powers Resolution since its passage in 1973. Here’s who voted which way. Now we need Trump not to veto, and if he vetoes Congress to override. Then we need Congress to pick another war to end, and another, and another, and the preparations for any more. Thank you to everyone who has helped thus far!

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World BEYOND War is a finalist in the Educators’ Challenge Competition! We won’t know if we are an official winner until the event ceremony on May 15. However, we are also in the running for the People’s Choice Award – which comes with a $1,000 prize! To cast a vote for our project, simply visit our official educators’ challenge promo video on YouTubeand give us a “like.” Learn more, including how to join our Education Director Tony Jenkins in London, England, here.

We Unwelcomed NATO to Washington

World BEYOND War and many allies unwelcomed NATO everywhere it went in Washington, D.C. last week. See photos and videos. Read about David Swanson interrupting a NATO meeting. Check out Ben Grosscup’s new anti-NATO song.

Announcing Agenda and Speakers for NoWar2019 in Limerick, Ireland, October 5-6

We’re excited about our upcoming fourth annual conference, and we’ve posted the details and how to register here:


Read also: Two U.S. Veterans For Peace Refused Bail, Charged with Trespassing at Shannon Airport


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War, Peace and Presidential Candidates


How We End War

Here are numerous ways to get involved in the project of ending all war. What part do you want to play?

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