WBW News: What weapon kills the most?

 What Weapon Kills the Most in Wars?

This one-minute video has the surprising answer:

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Buy Beautiful Paintings and Benefit World BEYOND War

We have a limited number of wonderful prints on canvas, suitable for framing, available from two incredible artists. When you buy these beautiful artworks you support the work of World BEYOND War. The canvases will be shipped to you rolled in tubes from Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S. The prices include shipping and handling. See the paintings here.

World BEYOND War and Allies Ask the City of Charlottesville to Divest from Weapons and Fossil Fuels

Here’s a campaign proceeding in one city that can be tried in others anywhere on earth. We are asking the City of Charlottesville, Va. to divest all public money from weapons companies, major war profiteers, and fossil fuel companies. In so doing, we’re making the connections between peace and the environment. Try this at home. Ask us to help.

Fort Myers Takes Action!

The Fort Myers for a World BEYOND War chapter kicked off this month! The chapter meets monthly on the first Sunday of each month, at 7:00 pm-9:00 pm at the Fort Myers Congregational UCC, 8210 College Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL, USA, 33919. We welcome participation from all interested in working for peace, with a special invitation to veterans who believe that war is not the answer. Through presentations, videos, self-reflection, and dialogue, we will explore why and how we might work together for a world beyond war. Email chapter coordinator Wesley at wesleysnedeker@gmail.com to get involved!

Find or create a chapter near you! Ask us for help!

U.S. Government Commission Considers Expanding Draft Registration to Women and Creating Mandatory Military Service

In the United States, the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service is holding public hearings this week in Washington, D.C.

Read World BEYOND War Director David Swanson’s testimony here.

Learn more on Edward Hasbrouck’s website.


Buy This New Book and Support World BEYOND War

The book finds that the institutions of war need to be matched by institutions of peace. For every department of war, there needs to be a department of peace that allocates public resources to forestall violence and militarism, by measures of pre-emptive conflict resolution rather than waiting for it to occur and then deploying violence against it.

Get your copy or order one as a gift.

Listen to an interview of the author:

Talk Nation Radio: Vijay Mehta on How Not to Go to War

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World BEYOND War is a finalist in the Educators’ Challenge Competition! We won’t know if we are an official winner until the event ceremony on May 15. However, we are also in the running for the People’s Choice Award – which comes with a $1,000 prize! To cast a vote for our project, simply visit our official educators’ challenge promo video on YouTubeand give us a “like.” Learn more, including how to join our Education Director Tony Jenkins in London, England, here.

Announcing Agenda and Speakers for NoWar2019 in Limerick, Ireland, October 5-6

We’re excited about our upcoming fourth annual conference, and we’ve posted the details and how to register here:


Peace Makers: Uniting for Peace
War Enders: Voices for Creative Nonviolence

, Environmentalists Against War, Noam Chomsky, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, PANA, People’s Movement, Shannonwatch, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, WESPAC,

Support our work today!

When you become a recurring donor, or when you increase your recurring donation, you can choose from a list of wonderful shirts, scarves, and what we believe are the very best books ever published on how to abolish the entire institution of war. Please support World BEYOND War with a one-time or recurring donation. Donate now.

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Plowshares Activists Call for Renewal of Movement

How We End War

Here are numerous ways to get involved in the project of ending all war. What part do you want to play?

We cannot keep growing without your financial support. To contribute, click here.

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