WBW Publishes Guide to Using Billboards

By World BEYOND War, October 27, 2020

Here is our guide to using billboards to generate media, membership, and activism — as put together by our Organizing Director Greta Zarro.

Billboards are powerful tools for reaching people, but they can be made much more powerful with the right organizing around them. This new guide (PDF) is aimed at helping you to maximize media coverage (even of billboards rejected by billboard companies). There are lots of kinds of media that can piggyback on billboard exposure.

The organizing guide also offers tips and examples for planning events, signing up new activists, and building activist campaigns for particular goals using the billboard as a starting point.

We’ve had years of experience using billboards and learned some important lessons. Check out the organizing guide and put it to use!



2 Responses

  1. How much do billboards cost per month on average in Canada?
    Do you have a Canadian design for the Treaty on the Prohibiton of Nuclear Weapons – UN Nuclear Ban Treaty making them illegal?

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