Werner Lange

Having been born in the rubble that was Germany following WWII, Werner Lange has been an active participant in peace movements since he cut his political teeth campaigning for Eugene McCarthy and serving in the US Peace Corps in the 1960s to his peace work as a 2016 Sanders delegate to the DNC. His service in the Peace Corps in the malaria eradication program in NE Thailand during the height of the CIA war in Laos was very brief, ending in his voluntary resignation when realizing that he was, in actuality, being primed for eventual use in that secret war. As an active participant in the anti-war movement he organized or joined several protests, including the large one on the OSU campus on May 4th (1970), when another contingent of the Ohio National Guard killed 4 students at KSU, his place of employment as a sociology professor for some 19 years.

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