WILPF Signs on With World Beyond War

We, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – United States Section (WILPFUS), have signed the Declaration of Peace organized by World Beyond War (www.worldbeyondwar.org), a new international coalition which represents “a global non-violent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace.” By adding WILPFUS to the list of organizations supporting this coalition and its efforts, we hope to inspire others, including other national WILPF Sections, as well as our International body in Geneva, to do likewise.

It has been the mission of WILPF, since our inception almost 100 years ago, to work locally, nationally and internationally for a world without war. Building on the power of women together, we work to strengthen the institutions and the cooperation needed for sustainable peace.

We believe that the vast majority of the people on this earth share this goal, and that it will take all of us working together non-violently, each with our unique talents, to transform our visions for peace, freedom and social justice into reality. WILPFUS believes that joining with the international coalition of World Beyond War will provide opportunities for such cooperation.

We, the members of WILPFUS, which is about to enter its own second century, remain committed to using our power as women in working with World Beyond War and others across the globe, in order to achieve our common goal “to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace.”


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