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By Marc Eliot Stein, June 15, 2022

We’re very proud to announce that the World BEYOND War monthly podcast blew past the 10,000 total downloads mark a couple of weeks ago. Last we checked we were at 10,795, and we really don’t have time to check very often. But this is a good time for me to thank everybody who helped support this free podcast, who appeared as a guest, and who helped promote it by sharing a link, giving a rating on any streaming service, and telling your friends about it.

The original idea of the World BEYOND War podcast was to focus on the human and personal side of peace activism. The one question we always try to ask is: how did you become a peace activist? Hardworking and underappreciated human beings all over the world often strive so hard for change that we can all use a moment to take a look back and share some stories of where we’ve been and what we’ve learned the hard way.

Storytelling and spontaneous sharing also happen to be what podcasts are great at, and that’s why the World BEYOND War podcast exists. We chose this direction in January 2019 on this organization’s fifth birthday, honoring this milestone by talking to three of the original founders, David Hartsough, David Swanson and Leah Bolger.

We’ve never had a reason to waver from our podcast’s original direction, just as I don’t think the WBW organization has ever wavered from its original direction. We’ve gotten great feedback on every episode, and we try to cover a completely different topic each month.

Our content will be permanently available for free on all the major streaming services, and we think the early episodes can be just as valuable to listen to as the more recent ones. The earlier ones also tend to have gathered the largest numbers. Here are the ten top episodes of all time.

Our Friends in Tehran with Shahrzad Khayatian and Foad Izadi

Fiction and Activism with Roxana Robinson and Dawn Tripp

Digging Up Permasecrets a talk with Nicholson Baker

Educating for Peace with Tony Jenkins, Patrick Hiller and Kozue Akibayashi

Crisis in Bolivia with Medea Benjamin, Ivan Velasquez and David Swanson

War and Environment with Alex Beauchamp, Greta Zarro and Ashik Siddique

Kathy Kelly and the Courage for Peace with Anni Carracedo

Peace Education and Action for Impact with Phill Gittins, Brittney Woodrum, Anni Carracedo, Stephanie Effevottu, Iryna Bushmina

A Global Look at the Pandemic with Jeannie Toschi Marazzani Visconti and Gabriel Aguirre

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this media experiment, and may this podcast and all our peace podcasts continue to grow and connect!

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