World starting to hold US accountable for its crimes: Activist

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  1. When a group of individuals consider themselves superior to all, with only their own fabrication and theft of concepts to base it upon, this is unified insanity. Then when this same group of individuals sets a paradigm for itself of lying to all it encounters in the name of peace, actually planning to make them slaves or kill them, if they do not agree to become slaves. Or the group meets, in non peace, to not rest till they are annhilated from the earth, this is mass murder one till all members are institutionalized. The talmudic inbred descendants club of 13 families from Frankfort Germany, bauer, stearns, schiff, warburg, steyer, khun, loeb, goldman, rockerfeller, sachs, goldsmith, baer and schnaper called the house of rothschild, are such a group. Since 1776 when they formed a contracted pact to only ever marry each others offspring or monarchies offspring for a pooled resource total of all their clients assets, as these were all banking khazar jewish families. Since 1812 when they acquired the portfolio management of the vatican all the pooled wealth of the stock markets does not stand a chance against their thousands to one sell down of stock to destroy any competition in a strictly rigged game. Look at the names of every corrupt financing scam stock controllers, they are all the 1800 extended inbred family members of this club including the worlds 1300 billionaires.
    Day 720 of this theft and extortion based khazarian talmudic mafia, polluting the world with aluminum phosphate and glyphosate, 10 million metric tons force purchased from their monsanto chemical poison division by the US air force each year. This is then sprayed exclusively by the US air force for free with the trillion dollar cost to have 3,000 planes kept airborne spraying 250 sq miles each 24/7 in a split shift out of 300 US air force bases added as another trillion dollar a year loan from jacob rothschilds world bank federal reserve division. All who are involved in the jacob rothschild world bank federal reserve division must be arrested formass murder, those giving the orders are just as guilty as those doing the murdering. This insanity must be stopped david keith and all afilliated with the CIA MEDEA project must be arrested and charged with mass murder. Their central banking theft extortion scam must be dissolved in all 182 countries and each country produce its own currency like Iceland and Hungary.
    1./ Call your senator demand all aerosol spraying by the airforce stop.
    2./ demand the arrest all commanding officers at the 300 air-force bases. 3./ Abolish the CFR, arrest all its members for racketeering and espionage, including all at its creations, the IMF, UN, CIA including all employees for operating under an illegal charter. Only sovereign nations can be granted a charter, not groups, clubs, or people, per US Constitution.
    4./ Remove the president from office and charge him with being a spy., under the UCMJ at 906.106 and a traitor under 18 USC, Part 1, Chapter 115, Sec.2381.S. Secure our border end the illegal U.N. amnesty and sanctuary cities. Deport all 41 million illegal socialist statist mexicans.

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